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  • Fall 2023 - IFC Recruitment

    The Interfraternity Council organizations host recruitment events both in the Fall & Spring semesters. New this year, first-semester students will be eligible to join fraternities at BSU so long as they have a 2.5 GPA from their high school, or from their previous institution for transfer students. Each of the five organizations plans their own recruitment events, so students have the autonomy to choose which organization(s) they'd be interested in pursuing. In an effort to encourage students to check out each of our fraternities, the Interfraternity Council hosts Recruitment Kick-Off events where you can meet members from each of the organizations and learn more about their upcoming recruitment events.

    We encourage students to drop by during one the IFC Recruitment Kick-Off events scheduled for the following dates below, to see what each of the fraternities has to offer:

    • Monday, September 18, 2023 from 12PM - 5PM in University Park
    • Tuesday, September 19, 2023 from 12PM - 5PM in University Park
  • Kappa Delta Phi

    Kappa Delta Phi (Kappa) was established at Bridgewater State University on April 14, 1900. Some facts about Kappa Delta Phi include:

    • Motto: "May The Spirit Never Die"
    • Colors: Black & Gold
    • Flower: Yellow Rose
    • Symbols: Krow
    • National Philanthropies: Homes for Our Troops
    • Local Philanthropies: Bridgewater Food Pantry
    • Chapter Night/Time: Mondays at 6:00PM
    • GPA Standard: 2.5
  • Phi Kappa Theta

    Phi Kappa Theta (Phi Kap) was established at Bridgewater State University on August 6, 2011. Some facts about Phi Kappa Theta include:

    • Motto: "Give, expecting nothing thereof"
    • Colors: Cardinal Purple, Gold, and White
    • Flower: Red Tea Rose
    • National Philanthropies: Children's Miracle Network Hospital
    • Local Philanthropies: Boston's Children's Hospital and Movember
    • Chapter Night/Time: Mondays at 7:00PM
    • GPA Standard: 2.5
  • Phi Phi Delta Co-Ed Fraternity

    Phi Pi Delta (Phi Pi) is a local co-educational fraternity that was established at Bridgewater State University on March 16, 1962. Some facts about Phi Pi Delta include:

    • Motto: "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link"
    • Values: Charity, Honor, and Zeal
    • Colors: Royal Purple, Gold, and Black
    • Flower: Purple and White Gladiolus
    • Symbols: Honeybee
    • Local Philanthropies: True Colors United, Children's Brain Tumor Foundation, and The American Cancer Society (Relay for Life)
    • Chapter Night/Time: Tuesdays at 8:00PM
    • GPA Standard: 2.5
  • Sigma Chi

    Sigma Chi was established at Bridgewater State University on April 23, 1983. Some facts about Sigma Chi include:

    • Motto: "In Hoc Signo Vinces - In This Sign You Shall Conquer"
    • Values: Friendship, Justice, and Learning
    • Colors: Blue & Old Gold
    • Flower: White Rose
    • Symbols: The White Cross
    • National Philanthropies: Huntsman Cancer Institute
    • Local Philanthropies: Susan G Komen for the Cure
    • Service Projects: Boston Marathon
    • Chapter Night/Time: Sundays at 7:00PM
    • GPA Standard: 2.5
  • Sigma Pi

    Sigma Pi was established at Bridgewater State University on April 15, 1989. Some facts about Sigma Pi include:

    • Motto: "Progress, man's distrinctive mark alone. Not God's, and not the beasts'; God is, they are. Man partly is and wholly hopes to be"
    • Values: Promote fellowship, Develop Character and Leadership, Advance heightened Moral Awareness, Enable Academic Achievement, and Inspire Service
    • Colors: Lavender, White, and Gold
    • Flower: Lavender Orchid
    • Symbols: Owl and Emerald
    • National Philanthropies: Donate Life, and the Amazing Day Foundation
    • Local Philanthropies: American Cancer Society (Relay for Life)
    • Service Projects: ACE Project
    • Chapter Night/Time: Wednesdays at 7:00PM
    • GPA Standard: 2.5