The BSU IMPACT Awards have been celebrated since 1996 (formerly known as the Student Leader Awards) recognizing student leaders and student organization for the many impacts they have made on the BSU Community.

Below you will find an archive of past recipients who were recognized for their contributions to our community. We are working to complete our records, so if you received an award in the past, or know of recipients, please email with the information.

Awards for Individuals

  • Advisor of Year

    This award is presented to the club/organization advisor who has gone above and beyond the requirements of the advisor position. Recipients of this award must be either Volunteer Organization Advisors or Staff Organization Advisors for recognized student organizations.

    Year Recipient Organization
    2022 Kaitlyn Dyleski Student Government Association
    2022 Dr. Navid Fozi-Abivard Anthropology Club
    2021 Diane Bell
    2021 Alexa Georgeakoloulos
    2020 Michelle Meek The Comment
    2020 Ashley Silvia Alpha Sigma Tau
    2019 Sydne Marrow Cape Verdean Student Association
    2018 Dr. Inkyoung Kim
    2017 Justin McCauley Residence Hall Association
    2016 Jane Doherty Feed the Bears
  • Bridgewater's Best - Graduating Senior Recognition

    The Award for Bridgewater's Best honors students for their outstanding impact on the BSU community. This award recognizes graduating seniors whose experiences demonstrate a significant, long-term record of service through leadership in campus organizations, community service or other impactful leadership during their BSU career. Recipients are considered among the most spirited of BSU Bears, have made a significant impact on co-curricular life and who utilize a leadership style that is an example for others to follow and exemplifies the values of BSU.

    Year Recipients
    2022 Alexis Anzalone
    Bailey Cormier
    Tyler Czyras
    RuthAnn Dillon
    Éamonn Graeme
    Britney Mallebranche
    2021 Cali Bloem
    Sarah Demello
    Anna Rice
    Gabriella Rivera
    Sophie Scrimgeour
    Andrew Turco
    2020 Keyana Adarkwah
    Stephanie Garcia
    Molly Ennis
    Timothy Nokeo
    Francis Raboy
    Erin Wentzel
    2019 Lucas Bentes
    Bridget Burke
    Brian Kretschmar
    Marissa Maroni
    Andrew Raposo
    2018 Morgan Amaral
    Danielle Dupuis
    Emily Hyde
    John McGowan
    Stenie Simon
    2017 Jacob Ames
    Gina Mariano
    Tashima Point du Jour
    Rachel Wood
    Mary Woodbury
    2016 Danielle Alarie
    Jordan Gomes
    Anthony Hebert
    Emma Manning
    Brenda Terrero
  • Frederick Clark and Carrie Kulick-Clark Student Leadership Scholarship

    The Frederick Clark and Carrie Kulick-Clark Student Leadership Scholarship is awarded to two students (could include undergraduate and/or graduate students), in the amount of $500/each, for their leadership contributions that have increased in depth and breadth as well as aided in transforming student life at Bridgewater State University during the 2021-22 academic year. Most importantly, this award recognizes excellence in those who embody the ideals of true leadership.

    Year Recipients
    2022 Aidan Mordas
    Gabriella Rivera
    2021 Elizabeth Cheesman
    Renia Lorjuste
    2020 Cali Bloem
    Hailey Perry
    2019 Samantha McGraw
    Sophie Scrimgeour
  • S. Elizabeth Pope Award

    Each year the S. Elizabeth Pope Award is presented " that senior woman elected by the women in her class who has given of herself most generously in service to this College and in the promotion of good fellowship among her classmates." This award is selected through an election process.

    Year Recipient
    2022 Emily Cuff
    2021 Anna Rice
    2020 Anna Grady
    2019 Kaeleigh Smith
    2018 Alexis Cushman
    2107 Dillan Constantineau
    2016 Dashawnda Barrett
  • The Impact Award for Student Leadership

    The Impact Award for Student Leadership is presented to individuals who have made a significant impact on their community, peers, members, programs and/or others around them. Individuals will be honored for their work serving the broader community and/or as campus leaders. This award has previously been name "The Outstanding Student Leader Award"

    Year Recipients
    2022 Wicahpi Chaddlesone-Yankton
    Malika Cruickshank
    Hayden Doherty
    Michelle Landry
    Tessa Pequita
    Carrie Lynn Provost
    Elliot Philie
    Rebecca Stack
    Jessica Sweeney
    Alexandra Riendeau
    Artie Universe
    Jasmine Won
    2020 Jake Hastings
    Ashley Patenaude
    Anna Rice
    Sophie Scrimgeour
    Ash Valiente
    2019 Samantha McGraw
    Alexis Monteiro
    Francis Raboy
    Laura Smith
    Aiden Welch
    2018 Meghan Eckelberger
    Molly Ennis
    Andrew Raposo
    Sade Sinous
    Kaeleigh Smith
    2017 Morgan Amaral
    Kyle Bueno
    Emily Meehan
    Katie Trudell
    Gwendolynne Weissinger
    2016 Tyler DeCoster
    Jennifer Dowling
    Ismaris Ocasio
    Cameron Ramos
    Mary Woodbury
  • Unsung Hero Award

    This award is presented to one student and one faculty/administrator/staff member who has assisted in the development of leadership and service opportunities for students beyond the call of duty.

    Year Recipient
    2022 Ann Doyle
    Alexander Laitinen
    2021 Michelle Arnel
    Christine Correira
    2020 Heather Flatto
    Artie Universe
    2019 Keyana Adarkwah
    Dr. Nicole Glen
    2018 John Taggart
    Keith Hanson
    2107 Stenie Simon
    2016 Cheri Amaral
    Monica Lopes

Awards for Groups/Organizations

  • Student Organization Program of the Year Award

    The David P. Deep Vice President for Student Affairs Award is presented to the organization of the year that has enhanced the quality of life at Bridgewater State University and in the surrounding community. The award is given in honor of David P. Deep, Vice President emeritus for Student Affairs. This award was previously name "Most Valuable Program Award"

    Year Program Sponsor(s)
    2022 Noche Loca La Sociedad Latinx
    2022 Women's Brunch Haitian American Student Association
    2021 Open Meetings and Forums African-American Society
    2021 Pretty Political Upsilon Iota Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.
    2020 Pizza with the President National Residence Hall Honorary
    2019 Feel Good Fest Program Council and Outreach Educators
    2018 Let's Talk Puerto Rico Program Council
    2018 Gettin' Down with Jordan Alpha Sigma Tau
    2017 Pay as You Can Bake Sale Feed the Bears
    2017 BSU Stands United March and Open Forum BSU Stands United Organizers
  • Outstanding Student Organizations

    The Award for Outstanding Student Organizations, honors recognized student organizations who exemplify one or more of the following criteria:

    • Significant positive impact on co-curricular life and/or community service during the past academic year
    • Serves as a strong role model for other organizations or groups based on accomplishments in leadership and service, on and/or off campus
    • Significant, long-term commitment to a service project or initiative
    • Upholds and exemplifies BSU's values and our community priorities of racial and social justice.
    • Exhibits enthusiasm and school pride in Bridgewater State University
    Year Recipients
    2022 Asian Student Union
    Environmental Action Team
    Program Council
    2020 Anime Club
    National Dance Education Organiztion
    Sigma Pi
    2019 Delta Phi Epsilon
    Inclusive Advancement of Multicultural Students in STEM (IAMSSTEM)
    2018 Free the Children
    La Sociedad Latinx
  • The David P. Deep Vice-President’s Award for Organization of the Year

    The David P. Deep Vice President for Student Affairs Award is presented to the organization of the year that has enhanced the quality of life at Bridgewater State University and in the surrounding community. The award is given in honor of David P. Deep, Vice President emeritus for Student Affairs.

    Year Recipients
    2022 Dance Company
    2021 The Comment
    2020 Phi Sigma Sigma
    2019 Best Buddies
    2018 Sigma Pi
    2017 Program Council
    2016 Men Integrated in Brotherhood