Staff of CSE

The Center for Student Engagement staff includes full time professional staff, graduate assistants, and a variety of student employees. Below you can find a quick directory of the CSE full time staff and graduate assistants, as well as a guide to connect with members of the full-time staff.

The CSE Team

Makala Nelsen Profile

Makala Nelsen

Sivani Chowdary Kommineni Profile

Sivani Chowdary Kommineni

Graduate Assistant
Maia Almeida Profile

Maia Almeida

Christina McCauley Profile

Christina McCauley

Executive Director
Matt Miller Profile

Matt Miller

Kaitlyn Dyleski Profile

Kaitlyn Dyleski

Associate Director
Tori Field Profile

Tori Field

Assistant Director
Meredith Michaelson Profile

Meredith Michaelson

Assistant Director
Andrew Raposo Profile

Andrew Raposo

Assistant Director
Fernando Burgos Castillo Profile

Fernando Burgos Castillo

Erin Hennessy Profile

Erin Hennessy

Administrative Assistant
Nicole Trottier-Churchill Profile

Nicole Trottier-Churchill

Administrative Assistant

Connect with our staff

CSE Staff are located in different offices in the Rondileau Student Union. When looking to set up a meeting, we encourage you to use the links below or contact via email. General questions can be asked in person at RSU 103. All phone calls for CSE can be directed to 508-531-1840 or email us at

Staff Member Office Location


Set Up a Meeting

Christina McCauley, Executive Director

RSU 105 15 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute

Matt Miller, Director

RSU 103 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 1 Hour
Kaitlyn Dyleski, Associate Director RSU 111 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes
Tori Field, Assistant Director of Student Transitions and Leadership

RSU 103 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 1 Hour

Meri Michaelson, Assistant Director of Outreach and Pathways

RSU 103 30 Minutes, 1 Hour

Andrew Raposo, Assistant Director of Student Organizations and Campus Traditions

RSU 103 30 Minutes, 1 Hour
Erin Hennessey, Admin Assistant RSU 009 Please e-mail
Nicole Trottier-Churchill, Admin Assistant II RSU 103 Please e-mail
Fernando Burgo-Castillo RSU 103 Please e-mail
Maia Almeida, Coordinator for Student Programs RSU 103A 30 minutes
Makala Nelsen, Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life RSU 111D 30 minutes, 60 minutes