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About Us

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a pre-professional organization dedicated to students like you who are interested in public relations and communications. Our mission is to provide you with valuable experiences, industry insights, and networking opportunities to help you excel in your academic and future professional endeavors.


Our organization isn't exclusive to public relations majors; students with various majors and interests can reap the benefits. Whether you're studying one of the following subjects or any other related field, PRSSA has something valuable to offer you.

Film & Video, Media, Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design, English, Journalism, General Interest in Communications or Improving Professional Skills

Members Benefits

Advance Your Career

- Info Sessions & Workshops
- Travel Opportunities
- Internship & Job Center

Enrich Your Education

- Meeting Guest Speakers
- Connections with Fellow Students
- Scholarships
- Leadership Opportunities

Broaden Your Network

- Workshops & Events
- Networking Events
- Connect with Students & Professionals from 300+ Chapters

Our Team

Daniella Digges Profile

Daniella Digges

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Thomasena Shaw

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Emilie Lapointe

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Shane Stark

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Samantha Jean

Director of Public Relations