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Bipartisan Disagreement is about pushing each of us to admit that because we are all fallible, there is value in learning about each other in good faith. Bipartisan Disagreement was founded in 2020 at Northeastern University out of frustration with the state of public discourse. It seemed that any conversation between politically diverse peers was liable to collapse under the weight of polarization. Today, this same issue remains. That is why Bipartisan Disagreement aims to promote respect, tolerance, and understanding in everyday discussions about the world and our roles as global citizens. Whether it's debating American involvement in the Ukraine war or if pineapple belongs on pizza, we want to create a space where students can listen and learn from one another. With differences becoming increasingly divisive, our school could benefit by helping students communicate productively with their peers about their experiences, instead of dismissing them through the lens of a partisan narrative. These person-to-person interactions are essential to Bipartisan Disagreement, and educational institutions like ours can offer a unique opportunity to promote those relationships and to reintroduce ideals of civic virtue to our country’s future leaders. In the process, we can bridge the partisan divide and hopefully improve education, respect, and tolerance amongst the general population over time. This is why we would really like to bring the message of Bipartisan Disagreement to BSU and beyond.









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