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Entrepreneurship is more than just making money, it’s a mindset. Not to consume but to produce. The Producer Club consists of a group of entrepreneurs who all have similar goals in mind. Members of the club will hold regular meetings to network and discuss emerging gaps in the market, help each other in our entrepreneurial journeys, and create a positive and progressive community of enlightened young minds. Together, we will grow and nurture our young minds to become the best version of ourselves. Promoting positive habits and unlocking our fullest potential. Our mission is to instill mental resilience, physical capacity, and financial literacy for the next generation of innovators. With the backing of the Center of Entrepreneurship and Small Business (CESB), The Producer Club will be regularly collaborating with BSU alumni who have already started their own businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Mentors are provided through the CESB to further assist you in your entrepreneurial ventures, expanding your knowledge and network with experienced like-minded individuals. The CESB also holds the yearly Bear B.I.D. competition. This competition allows for young entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to judges in a Shark Tank-styled competition. Three winners are selected from the competition, receiving prize money in cash to help build their entrepreneurial careers. As the community grows, more events and opportunities will emerge from The Producer Club









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